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Hotel Nelimar
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7600, Falucho 1563
The Hotel Nelimar in Mar Del Plata, Argentina situated Falucho 1563 can be contacted by phone +544514226.
Spanish, Guarani

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Sonia Ortela

great little hotel, nice and clean. basic but then again the price reflects this. The breakfast is not worth the 8 euros each per day. You are better off heading out to a local coffee shop. The beach is great and the sun loungers are u00a34 per person per day. worth the money. The bar outside the hotel on the beach front is one of the best bars in Rincon de la Victoria if not the best! I would recommend this hotel to anyone.

niah bingy

Everything was excellent. From the staff to the location

Luis Fraile

Great location and views

Alex Pascual Moreno

Good food and nice waiters

Mike W

Nice hotel, great location and friendly staff


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