Hotels of Antofagasta, Chile

Holiday Inn Express Hotel 
Property Type - Hotel - Limited Service.
Hotel Diego de Almagro Costanera 
Benefit of the comfort and hospitality that distinguishes us.
Panamericana Antofagasta 
The five star hotel in Antofagasta -The Mining Capital of South America - offers a complete range of services to aid successful business travel. The design and decoration are comfortable and luxurious, the location by the ocean makes the hotel the perfect place to hold board meetings or an entertainment function with business assocatiates.The tourist and executive that visits our exclusive hotel will be able to taste the recognized gastronomy of its restaurante and enjoy amusing moments in our c
Aguas Claras Rent A Home 
The Aguas Claras Rent A Home in Antofagasta, Chile situated Coquimbo, 1105 can be contacted by phone +565655 223350 or fax +565655 223350.
Ahure Valdes Y Otra, Jalil 
The Ahure Valdes Y Otra, Jalil in Antofagasta, Chile situated Salvador Allende, 501 can be contacted by phone +565655 343215 or fax +565655 343215.
<b>Location.</b> Set in the middle of the Atacama Desert, one of the driest areas of the world, the Hotel Antofagasta overlooks the financial and commercial area of Antofagasta, Chile. Guests are within a few kilometers of the city's clock tower, a national monument that is a small replica of Big Ben in London. The state owned Codelco, the largest copper producer in the world, is located one kilometer away, and guests are also within close proximity of Plaza Colon, a downtown area that is home to a gothic style cathedral with several stained glass windows. <br> Antofagasta is known as The Mining Capital of South America, and guests are within two kilometers of the copper mine at La Escondida. La Portada de Antofagasta, a beautiful natural monument that is the result of the ocean's erosion over time, sits five kilometers away, and the Salitreras Mining Museum lies six kilometers from the hotel. Cerro Moreno Airport lies 18 kilometers away. <br><br><b>Hotel Features.</b> The Hotel Antofagasta houses La Buona Forchetta, serves international and Italian cuisine and complimentary breakfasts, daily. Especially designed for business functions, the hotel contains 10 meeting rooms that can hold up to 700 guests. <br><br><b>Guestrooms.</b> The 163 guestrooms and 23 suites at the Hotel Antofagasta feature satellite television, in room safes, coffeemakers, minibars and dial up Internet access. <br><br><b>Expert Tip.</b> The area boasts some of the clearest skies in the world, with no more than 20 cloudy days in a year. Because of this, it is home to several observatories containing a number of the world's largest telescopes.
Apart Hotel Antofagasta 
The Apart Hotel Antofagasta in Antofagasta, Chile situated Los Inmigrantes, 720 can be contacted by phone +565655 244052 or fax +565655 244052.
Apart Hotel Don Luis 
The Apart Hotel Don Luis in Antofagasta, Chile situated Prat, 819 can be contacted by phone +565655 228385 or fax +565655 262599.
Apart Hotel Puerto Varas 
The Apart Hotel Puerto Varas in Antofagasta, Chile situated Jose Santos Ossa, 2257 can be contacted by phone +565655 225287 or fax +565655 226810.
Apart Plaza Hotel 
The Apart Plaza Hotel in Antofagasta, Chile situated Baquedano 470 can be contacted by phone +5655 269046.
Astore Hotel 
The Astore Hotel in Antofagasta, Chile situated M. A. Matta 2537 can be contacted by phone +5655 261203.
Casa de Huespedes San Javier 
The Casa de Huespedes San Javier in Antofagasta, Chile situated Ossa, 3176 can be contacted by phone +565655 266493 or fax +565655 281433.
Florencia Apart Hotel 
The Florencia Apart Hotel in Antofagasta, Chile situated Jose Toriibio Medina, 030 can be contacted by phone +565655 255717 or fax +565655 255717.
Hostal Angamos 
The Hostal Angamos in Antofagasta, Chile situated Av. Angamos, 010 can be contacted by phone +565655 247582 or fax +565655 247582.

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