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Plaza San Marino

Lopar BB,

Hotel Plaza lies along a sandy beach that is 1.5 km long and well known under the name "Paradise beach". Rab is a lovely oasis of tourism in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea. The Mediterranean vegetation, ancient culture and the long tradition made the island of Rab already for many years a tourist centre and a spa. The vegetation is luxuriant, and because of the Mediterranean climate, Rab is covered with evergreen forests. It seems that the name "Rab" developed from Illyrian or Liburnian name "Arba" which probably meant "dark", perhaps refereeing to its forests. The Kalifront forest of oak, situated at the Kalifront peninsula, is the largest forest area on the island and is protected by a conservation order. <br> Rab is known for the pleasant Mediterranean climate, warm summers and mild winters. It is an island of sunshine with approximately 2500 hours of sunshine a year. Summer months are rendered more pleasant by a mild landward breeze, while winters are chilly and dry owing to the seaward northeastern wind bora. The crystal clear Adriatic Sea laps the unspoiled and diverse shores of the island that make the whole island a unique seaside resort. The island offers a beach to everyone's taste: rocky beach, pebble beach and sand beaches like the famous "Paradise beach" at the Lopar holiday resort.

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