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Rabai Miklos U. 2

The Hoforras in Gyula, Hungary situated Rabai Miklos U. 2 can be contacted by phone +36361544 or fax +36361801.

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User reviews of Google

This hotel is more like giving you a place to sleep then a place to live in, but it does that perfectly as it is relatively cheap and it's situated nicely for the spa and city centre.There are more modern 'houses' in the hotel, too, but I think they cost more than the regular ones as there are less of them they are better equipped.There is no microwave in these regular 'houses', fridges are rather small and there's no regular stove either, just an electric stove.
2017-07-10 15:55:25
The hotel itself is not bad. It worth the price but not more. If you need a cheap hotel than it is good however there might be better than this. The apartment is functional but it was not clean. At the reception desk people were not on top of the service. Feeling of the communist era.
2017-05-07 11:19:30
2016-09-07 09:59:50
20 ve vente egy hnapot tltnk itt. Kellemes krnyezet, tisztasg, rend, nyugalom. Szp gondozott parkjban elkszlt egy terml s melegvzes, egy gyerek s egy uszmedence, errl sajnos nincs fnykpem. A vroskzpont nhny 100 mterre van.
2017-11-18 13:23:51
Egyszeren borzalmas szvem szerint egy forintot nem fizetnk. A konyhban 4 egyforma eveszkz vagy pohr mr lukszusnak szmtana. A terml medence amit hasznlni lehetne ilyenkor is az olyan terml hogy bele menni nem lehet a kirtakkal szemben nem 35-36 fokos j ha van 20. A konyha felszereltsge valamint a tisztasg ht inkbb hadjuk. Egy biztos soha tbbet s ajnlani sem tudom senkinek. n amg vrom hogy holnap este legyen s tl jussak a rmlmon.
2017-09-24 11:11:49

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