Hotels of North Ari Atoll / North Alif Atoll, Maldives

‹North Ari Atoll / North Alif Atoll
Bathala Island Resort 
The Bathala Island Resort in North Ari Atoll / North Alif Atoll, Maldives can be contacted by phone +960450587 or fax +960450558.
Ellaidhoo Tourist Resort 
For those who love the beauty of nature, Ellaidhoo is the perfect choice! Crystal clear waters, fine white sandy beach, magnificent house reef - classed amongst the best dive spots on Earth - plenty of Sun! In addition, Ellaidhoo has been developed for everyone! For those who love local traditions, modern luxury, health and spa, water sports and several recreational activities... Ellaidhoo has to be the choice! Welcome to Ellaidhoo and enjoy the beauty of nature in harmony with the modern world!
Gangehi Island Resort 
The Gangehi Island Resort in North Ari Atoll / North Alif Atoll, Maldives can be contacted by phone +960450505 or fax +960450506.
Halaveli Holiday Village 
Halaveli is a particularly fine example of the beauty that islands of Maldives have been so richly endowed with. The beaches are dazzling white, the sand soft and caressing to the touch. The island is covered with thick lush tropical vegetation. An unspoilt aquamarine lagoon, shimmering in the sun, encircles the beach.
Kuramathi Village 
At Kuramathi Village, the traveler is offered a choice of three types of rooms -- 71 deluxe rooms, 33 superior rooms and 47 standard rooms. All the bungalows are air-conditioned and have warm and cold water and a porch with view of the clear blue ocean. All deluxe rooms have mini-fridge and, outdoor shower.
Nika Island Resort 
The Nika Island Resort in North Ari Atoll / North Alif Atoll, Maldives can be contacted by phone +960450516 or fax +960450577.
Velidhu Island Resort 
North Ari Atoll, where Validhu Island Resort is located can be approached by speed boat, sea plane or dhoni. The journey itself is an event no doubt, but it will not prepare you for the wonders that await you. With the sea at your doorstep, you will have everything you want in a by-the-sea vacation. Romantic getaway island though it is, Validhu offers you all the comforts, the little things that make a visit a holiday to cherish. When you need a break from the water or the sand, you can allow yourself to be entertained by a live band, a cultural show, or kick your heels at the disco. In between, you can savor mouthwatering dishes at the restaurant or allow the kitchen staff to pamper you with their special meal events such as Mongolian BBQ, lobster dinner on the beach, among other specialities.
Veligandu Island Resort 
Veligandu is a tropical paradise where you can enjoy the utmost comfort and tranquility. There are only a few places even in the Maldives that can compare to this island’s natural beauty. Surrounded by beautiful which sandy beaches merging into a huge sandbank of 80 metres Veligandu is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday.

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